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Watson Hall, April 29, 2004
RA's Leslie Saint, Mitchell Feld, and Josie Dykstra
Ziploc Ice Cream
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Name-it-yourself Very Healthy Dip
Festive Punch
Microwave Dulce de leche

Ziploc Ice Cream

one half-cup serving

Culled from several online versions.

First choose your mix-ins, because some of those are easier to mix in if you combine them with the sugar before the milk. Some are better added later, so they're not smashed in the violence of dissolving the sugar. Invent your own quantities -- and, for that matter, invent your own mix-ins too.
These can be added before milk:
cocoa powder
instant coffee

These are best added after you dissolve sugar in milk:
chocolate or other chips
marshmallow fluff (don't worry about really mixing this in; it will be fine even if it's in ripples)

And these are best added at the last possible moment before freezing, so they don't dissolve:
broken cookies
frozen pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough

Now for the essential ingredients. You'll need a small zip bag, two one-gallon zip bags, at least 6 tablespoons of salt, and about 4 pounds of ice per person.
Combine in a small zip-closure plastic bag:
1/2 cup milk or any proportion of milk and cream (organic tastes best)
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon (generous capful) vanilla

Zip shut.
Fill a one-gallon zip bag half full with ice cubes and at least 6 tablespoons of salt.
Put the little bag with your ice cream mix into the half-ice-filled bag. Fill the rest of that bag with ice (not too tightly packed, though; allow room to shake around).
Zip the gallon bag shut, and double-bag with another gallon bag to protect against leaks.
Toss, turn, shake, and agitate for about 20 minutes. You end up with genuine premium soft-serve ice cream!

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This is a simple traditional recipe. I feel silly posting it -- like posting a recipe for, say, mashed potatoes. But here it is! Invent your own quantities to taste.

Open a can of:
chickpeas (garbanzos)
Leaving the liquid in the can, lift as many chickpeas as you'd like into a bowl. Mash with a potato masher or sturdy fork. I don't recommend blender or food processor for this.
Stir in:
a generous spoonful of tahini (sesame paste) to taste
Add any of the following
lemon juice (best if freshly squeezed from an actual lemon)
garlic (raw or roasted; powder is acceptable but not as good)
olive oil
You can chop or puree other things too. Get ideas from the kinds of hummus you see in stores -- sun-dried tomatoes, basil, etc. You could substitute natural peanuts-only peanut butter for the tahini, and it would still work, but you might need to re-name it.

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Another simple traditional recipe. Again, invent your own quantities to taste.

Your basic recipe is just to mash with a fork:
one or more avocadoes
The only trick is to be sure the avocado is soft (ripe) rather than crunchy.
Chop fine and add:
cilantro (a/k/a coriander)
small, voluptuously ripe tomato
lime juice (do not use "Rose's lime juice" for this, because that is sugary; ReaLime is okay, and an actual lime is much better)
jalapeno or other hot pepper, or Tabasco-type sauce
Again, you can chop or puree other things too. I have a recipe that includes sliced radishes. I tried this with horseradish once. That was not good.

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Name-it-yourself Very Healthy Dip

Please don't be insulted by the simplicity of this recipe! There were requests to post everything from our "get cooked" session!

Put in a bowl:
the best plain yogurt (whole milk is good) you can find; ideally with no pectin, gelatin, or any other glue
Stir in:
Thawed frozen juice concentrate (again, go for quality and purity -- premium 100% juice)

You're done with this recipe! How silly is that? Dunk things in it: fruit, pretzels, cookies, etc.

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Festive Punch

Be sure to consider my Mocha Milkshake Punch recipe too. Both of these require advance preparation -- freezing cider for this one, and brewing coffee for the other.

A day in advance, freeze in a bowl or mold:
good natural cider
When you're ready to assemble the actual punch, dump into a punchbowl:
one gallon cider (or any other quantity)
two-liter bottle of ginger ale
about a quart of sherbet (I used raspberry; choose any flavor), cut into teaspoon-size bits

Unmold the frozen bowl of cider (you can figure out how to do that with hot water) and float the frozen cider in the bowl.

Copyright note: I have adapted all these recipes into my own words (which I am not copyrighting, though I hope you'll tell people where you found them). Lists of ingredients are in the public domain.

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Posted April 30, 2004

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